Search Engine Optimization – SEO

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a combination of web development, content development, and other disciplines with the intent of improving website performance on search engine result pages. More simply, good SEO will get your website found on a higher number of internet searches. SEO is key strategy for improving the online performance of a website to increase traffic, conversions, and ultimately, sales.

How does SEO work?

SEO works by first understanding what search engines – like Bing or Google – want to see in a website. Search Engines utilize complex algorithms to understand the meaning of words and how humans use them to communicate. The goal of any good SEO strategy is to allow your website to communicate better with your human audience and with the search engine algorithms. SEO works by improving the ability of your website to communicate through channels that are not always visible, such as through code, metadata, and design. Good SEO works as a mentality. The more committed your website is at improving communication, the better your website will perform on search engine result pages.

How important is SEO?

The value of SEO is different for every business. The simple answer is that the more your company relies on internet sales or web traffic for generating revenue the more important the role SEO should play in your marketing strategy. Search traffic accounts for the largest portion of sales-driven internet traffic, and over 80% of all search traffic is funneled through SEO traffic and not paid advertising. For online retailers, SEO is extremely important. Even with local businesses and restaurants, SEO can be very important. A wide majority of consumers conduct online searches and will visit stores they find online within minutes of their search. If you are curious about how SEO might affect your website, contact Burt Marketing Group today. We will learn about your business needs and let you know if an SEO campaign would improve your website-driven sales.

How long does SEO take to work?

SEO is like building a good reputation. A foundation must be laid to communicate the value your website adds to the online community. This work depends on the size of a website and the amount of content that is on the website. Beginning an SEO campaign can take a few days or even a few weeks, but there are levels of how to approach the unique needs of each website. Updating page titles and tags may only take an afternoon, and it will help your SEO. Updating your website with optimized images and complete metadata might take longer, but it could also yield the most significant results.

Good SEO is not a one-time fix. Some work can be completed quickly and yield results quickly, but in order to establish a strong, positive reputation with the search engines, SEO should be considered a never ending process of creating new ane better methods of online communication. With this type of commitment, month after month and year after year your website will be recognized for the work you put in with increased credibility and result from search engines. Burt Marketing Group will help you with an level of work you need, whether immediate or ongoing.

How do I start an SEO strategy?

Search engines publish great information about how to organize and develop website content for SEO strategies. This information is free and publicly available for anyone who wants to handle their own SEO. Burt Marketing Group recommends utilizing a professional with experience in developing and executing SEO strategies.  Finding out which SEO strategy will work for your website can take time to learn, and it will likely require trial and error until you find the best approach. Using an agency with specific SEO expertise like Burt Marketing Group will save a lot of your time and get your website positive results faster.

Why should I work with Burt Marketing Group for SEO?

Burt Marketing Group  is committed to understanding the unique needs of each company, and we have specific expertise in developing SEO strategies to fit unique needs. The most fundamental  premise of SEO is improving the way a website communicates. Burt Marketing Group will take the time to learn about your organization and culture in order to communicate in the ways you want and the ways your customers respond to. Our goal is to fit your identity into all of the key communication platforms on your website to help communicate better with your visitors and with all of the search engines. To learn more about our approach, contact us today!

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